All Whalesome’s service ("Service") from the mobile interface or the Internet platform ( or via the application of any proposed Whalesome interface from which the service is available, are subject to these Terms of Use.

1. General

By participating in Whalesome portal, participants agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions. In addition to these Terms and Conditions, the rules, regulations and methods of participation in portal subscription, which are set out on shall bind you in your subscription to the portal. Failure to comply with the said terms, conditions, rules, regulations, instructions or methods will result in your disqualification to remain subscribed to the service. The portal subscription (Whalesome) shall in all respects be governed by the laws of Myanmar. However, it shall be your sole responsibility and obligation to ensure that you comply with and do not contravene any laws to which you may be personally subject.

2. Description of Service

Whalesome Service allows you to watch videos and download digital contents on the medium of your preferred choice that is compatible such as PC, Mobile, TV or tablet. The Use of Service is exclusively reserved for a reasonable, non-commercial use.

3. Compatibility

The videos and wallpapers can be played/ downloaded on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, IPad mini, iPod touch) version 3.0+ as well as android devices version 2.0+. As for the widget, it is only compatible for Android devices version 2.0+. Before you subscribe, you expressly agree to ensure the compatibility of such equipment with the Service prior to using the service. Failing to comply with this obligation, Whalesome will not be responsible on the charges of the subscription.

4. Participants

Employees of Forest Interactive Sdn. Bhd., their associated agencies, dealers, distributors, sponsors and immediate families may subscribe to the service. However, should there be a contest held, they will not be eligible to be selected as winners.

5. Portal Subscription

To subscribe to the portal, you may fist register an account at by following the next steps: Register and login with mobile number. Register your phone number to activate subscription. Confirm your subscription automatically or by submitting confirmation PIN. You are subscribed! Watch all the videos and download all the widgets you want.

6. Price

The Price stated for this service is 15 PKR/week.

7. Termination of Service

Subscribers can unsubscribe from the service by clicking on Unsubscribe button at the bottom of the portal

8. User Responsibilities

8.1. You understand the characteristics and limitations of electronic communications networks, including their technical performance, response times for consulting, querying or transferring data and risks to information security. It is your responsibility to protect your technical equipment, especially against any form of contamination by viruses and/or attempted intrusion, Whalesome will not in any way be held responsible for that. The Service may be interrupted, especially for technical reasons beyond the control of Whalesome, or for reasons of maintenance or updates to the Service. Therefore Whalesome does not guarantee that the Service will operate continuously; Whalesome will in no circumstances be held liable for any unforeseeable or indirect arising from the use or inability to use the Service. In any event, the responsibility of Whalesome will in no circumstances be held liable for negligence arising by you, in case of unpredictable and insurmountable to a third party unconnected with this contract, or force majeure.

8.2. You are solely responsible for your use of the Service. You agree to indemnify Whalesome for any damages (including any award Whalesome may have to pay to third parties or any charges or fees that would be incurred for his defense) that Whalesome could suffer as a result of your use Service and/or non-compliance with these.

9. Intellectual Property Rights

Unless otherwise stated, all intellectual property rights, industrial, or other proprietary rights relating to items available through the Service, which compose it or incorporated herein, including Content, but apart from the files, are held by Whalesome or its partners. Use of the Service does not grant you any rights to intellectual property rights therein. So you cannot, under any circumstances, reproduce, modify, transmit, publish, adapt, on any medium whatsoever, by any means whatsoever, or exploit in any manner that is not expressly provided for in herein, all or part of the Service.

10. Evolution of Terms of Use

Evolution of the Terms of Use can evolve freely at any time. You will be not notified of these changes directly on the Service. Therefore, please refer to it at each visit to peruse the latest version always available from the internet platform and the mobile interface. We inform you that at any time Whalesome may modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently one (or more) features of the Service, without having to notify you in advance. Any new feature or component of the Service incorporating new techniques or new features improving the quality of existing service will also be subject to these Terms and Conditions, unless expressly provided otherwise.